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We're offering FREE, one-on-one health
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An Exceptional Experience

Advanced Orthopedic Newberg

Physical Therapy

Backed by the best patients in the community, Advanced Orthopedic provides first-class care in a family-friendly environment. Every patient is unique with particular needs. We welcome these differences with the knowledge that individualized programs work better. And we have the data to prove it. Because of this, each patient program incorporates a wide range of therapies into a customized plan specific to the patient’s needs and goals.

Taking care of your health

New Patient Information

Everything that you need to know to begin your journey with Advanced Orthopedic!

The most trusted Physical Therapy Clinic in Newberg

With more positive reviews than any other clinic we believe we are best suited to treat you!  With an over 90% success rate we are confident we are the best choice for you!

Meet the Team

Meet the smart, hard-working, and dedicated team at Advanced Orthopedic.


We are a dedicated team of well-educated professionals, highly skilled in treating a broad range of both common and rare conditions, and have many years of experience in all areas of physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Innovative Treatment

We strive to deliver the best, cutting-edge care to our patients and we are well equipped to deliver unparalleled patient care. We use evidence-based, hands-on methods, and as a result, our patients return to their normal functions sooner.

Individualized Approach

We take an individualized approach to craft highly specialized programs to maximize rehabilitation potential while minimizing the financial burden of recovering from injury.

Extraordinary Outcomes


Our Programs have proven results. With over 90% success in improving patient’s conditions, outcomes are superior compared to every national average. If you are looking for results, our expertise is second to none!


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